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Handwriting Expert New York, Inc., doesn't have a magic wand.  This is a process where actual examples of the persons writing are needed to compare to the document in question. If you have examples of the person’s writing or willing to put in the effort to look for examples, please keep reading.

Brett Goldstein, a Forensic Document Examiner, will review your documents. He will give you a report as to whether the document(s) in question are authentic or not.

Here is what you will receive:

  • A report of Handwriting Expert New York’s opinion. Something you can use it in your court case.
  • A report that you can use in court. Not all experts produce a report that can be used in court. 
  • The report will be peer reviewed by a second examiner. He will verify if our opinion is supported by the evidence. 
  • You can even get a report with pictures, which may make it easier for the judge/jury to understand the observations.

If you have visited our pricing page, you might be thinking that you can’t afford our services.  Or perhaps you are thinking we are to expensive. Yes, other Handwriting Experts charge only a few hundred dollars to review a document.  However that is normally for a verbal opinion only. The cost for a written report is more money and the cost of a report that can be used in court is even higher than that.  With my flat fee pricing I offer you a written report with no extra fees.

Let me ask you a question, how long do you have before your trial date? Some people call because their trial date is coming up in two weeks. Or they need someone to testify real soon.  That’s not you, because the fact that you're on this page, means that you are serious about hiring a Handwriting Expert.  

Mr. Brett Goldstein has worked with Police Departments to analyze tickets, Doctors to examine prescription pads, and he has worked with ABC's 20/20 on the Stacey Stites murder.

Handwriting Expert helps ABC's 20/20 for Stacey Stites Investigation

Handwriting Expert

Brett helped ABC's 20/20 for Stacey Stites Investigation to examine Stacey's handwriting to see if the handwriting was Stacey's or her fiancé's.

In her diary, she listed the day she met Jimmy, her fiancé, as an important day. She listed her best day as the day she met Jimmy and then married him months later.

As Jimmy was a suspect in the case, ABC's 20/20 wanted to know if that was really her handwriting or was it his.

By looking at other diary entries, Brett was able to help solve the case.

Here's what lawyers in Jamaica had to say, “When my lawyers received his documentation, they were impressed with the presentation and detail of his work."

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