Frequently Asked Questions

This page is designed to answer common questions you might have before hiring Brett Goldstein, or any professional court qualified forensic document examiner who works in our network of office around the country.

We hope this list of Frequently Asked Questions will assist you in making a hiring decision. Naturally, you can call our office and ask these questions directly.

Here are the most common questions we are asked by prospective clients. We work with attorneys and non-attorneys.

→ What kind of documents and legal cases do you handle? A) All documents with handwritten items, signatures, and documents relating to authenticity or alterations.

→ How do I get my case started? A) Call the office and talk to Brett Goldstein. Then, Email or mail your documents and pay the retainer/ fee.

→ Do I have to have originals? Can you examine faxes or photocopies? It is very common to do an examination and render an opinion with photocopies or photographs of documents.

→ How much will it cost to see if my documents are authentic? See the rate sheet page or talk to Brett.

→ How many comparable documents does Handwriting Expert New York need? Every case is different. Talk to Brett, and he can discuss this with you.

→ How long will it take to get my official opinion? A) 3-7 business days is the normal turnaround time for basic cases. It depends on the number of other cases we are working on and the complexity of your case. If you have more signatures to analyze, the case may take longer.

→ How do I get my documents to your office for inspection? Email is the preferred method to get your case started. You can always upload the documents through our website https://handwritingexpertnewyork.com/uploads

Snail mail or drop off in-person is always acceptable as well.

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Other Common Questions

Can I hire a forensic document examiner to testify in my state or my country?

Yes, Mr. Goldstein can travel to the state or country where the trial is in progress. Most of the cases he works with do not go to trial. However, if you need an expert to appear in court, call the office to reserve a date. He will make every effort to be there.

How much do handwriting experts charge to render an opinion?

Many experts working today are either retired government employees or independent examiners. Depending on who you hire, you will pay a non-refundable retainer. However, Brett mostly charges a “flat rate" to analyze a single document and one person’s handwriting using a low flat rate option. These rates and all additional fees are clearly posted on the rates page. This billing system helps both attorneys and individuals budget their expert witness expenses accurately with no surprises or long hourly fees to pay after the case is over. Ask about our flat-rate pricing option.

Why should I hire a handwriting expert from this company instead of another examiner?

The founder, Brett Goldstein, is a forensic document examiner. He was called on by ABC’s 20/20 TV Show to examine the handwriting of a murder victim. Was the handwriting that of the victim, or was it that of the suspect, her fiancee? If Brett Goldstein cannot testify on your court day and time, one of his associates will be made available. 

I’d like to email my document(s) to you for a quick verbal opinion.

Our email address is on the contact page, and we encourage you to send your document to get your case started. However, we only render opinions on documents with pre-payment. There is no “quick opinion."

My case does not contain originals. Can you still render an opinion?


Will Brett’s opinion be accepted in a court of law?

That is up to the judge. An expert witness’s testimony is never a guarantee the judge will rule in your favor. Documents are usually one piece of a much larger puzzle in any lawsuit. Mr. Goldstein has been accepted and allowed to testify 100% of the times he has sat in the witness box by judges.

How much will it cost to have Brett Goldstein himself come to court and testify in person? Does he travel outside of New York?

Yes. Often. Mr. Goldstein’s rate sheet is downloadable on this website. Also, the client pays for travel expenses.  

All these questions and more can be answered by simply calling our office. Your first conversation will take place without a fee, so you can make sure you are hiring the right expert for the job. We welcome your call.

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Speak to Brett right away. The first consultation is free, and if we can assist you in your case, you will know during the first phone call.