Handwriting Expert New York Rates

Do you have a document that you think is forged?

If you're ready to find out as to whether your document is authentic or not, please continue reading.  

This service requires you supply us with known samples of handwriting/signature.  If your signature was forged, then we would need samples of your signature.  If you think someone forged your parents signature or someone else’s, then we need samples of their signature.

I need samples of handwriting to compare.  You can’t just give me one signature as a comparison. If you are willing to provide comparison samples, this process becomes a whole lot easier.


Here is what you will receive.

·         You get a signed and notarized report that you can use in court.  Not all handwriting experts will give you a report that you can use in court for the low rate they quoted you.  You might be surprised as to how much more a ready for court report is.

·         All of my reports come with exhibits. That way a judge or jury can see the similarities or differences.

·         I charge a flat fee so that you know exactly what you are paying and there are no extra fees. This may save money over other handwriting experts who charge extra for each service.

·         I am court qualified and have testified in various courts, including Nassau County Supreme Court. Not all handwriting examiners are court qualified.

As soon as you are ready to hire me, I will then send you a custom quote for your case with a link to make payment, instructions on how to send the documents, and how to sign our Retainer Agreement.  Once we have received everything we will complete the report in 5-10 business days.

Now you might be thinking you can’t afford this.  True, we don’t charge a low upfront fee like our competitors. Yes some competitors charge $300-$400 dollars for their opinion.  However, don’t be fooled by their low price.  Some also charge an additional $750 for a notarized report. A report with exhibits to make it easier for the judge/jury to see is also extra money.

We do get calls Nationwide and we do get busy. So, call us right now to make sure we have the time to review your case and get you a report.

Call us now for a quote. (631) 430-6554

I don't charge for the initial consultation, so feel free to call me and get the information you need and understand the entire forensic document examination process.

Pricing is competitive and I can provide a quick, strategy about your situation and consult you on your next step. 

Choosing the right handwriting expert is as important as choosing the right attorney.  Download my CV below.